Our Commitment To Working With Local Artists

Here at ItalianPotteryandCeramics.com by L’Artigianato we pride ourselves on working with local Artisans and Artists and as such, helping to sustain the local economy.  The majority of our ceramic products are sourced from Vietri Sul Mare a small town on the Amalfi Coast which is renowned for ceramic production in this region. 

Other products are sourced right here in Sorrento!  All of our products are the ‘genuine article’ and are 100% ‘MADE IN ITALY’ – ethically sourced from suppliers who can demonstrate a responsible and transparent approach to their working and general practices.  Indeed, our grateful thanks go to some of those Artisans/Artists for kindly allowing us to reproduce video images on this website of them at work!

Because of our commitment to working with Artists from our local area, we have taken great care (wherever possible) to include a photo image of the base of the product, this is so you can see that the item has been made in Sorrento/Vietri Sul Mare and, in most instances, has been signed by the Artist – we say ‘most instances’ because, it has been known on occasions, for the Artists to forget to sign the base!  we do assure you though, that these items are genuine handcrafted, hand painted Italian ceramics.