The Alviani family has maintained a presence in Via S.Cesareo for nearly 30 years.  Via S.Cesareo, is the main street of the historical centre of Sorrento and was, in fact, the ‘Decumano Maior’ of the Romans, it still today, remains the preferred street for the ‘passeggiata’ (walking).

The store originally began its life in 1984 selling completely different products but, with the passing of time and a new family member ‘taking the reins’ the current owner expanded the business into pottery and ceramics and 'L’Artigianato' was born!  

Through the distinctive pottery and ceramic designs, the present owner (Giuseppe Alviani) is able to indulge the region’s passion for displaying strong and vibrant Mediterranean colours, which this area of Italy is so renowned for.  Signor Alviani also brought with him, a strong commitment for authentic, unique products which really are, that little bit different!

L’Artigianato’s pottery and ceramics are hand crafted and hand painted by local ceramic artisans and, it is not by accident that we choose to work with small local Vietresi studios to produce our products, in this way, it allows us to converse with the Artists and to exchange ideas on shapes and colours - but always strictly, remaining faithful to the traditions of our Region’s ceramic production.

Through this passion and commitment, we are able to offer products which will surely bring warmth and enjoyment to any home and allow our customers to appreciate and value something derived from our land.