All our ceramic products are painted with lead free colours.

Tableware, Serveware and Kitchenware    
All our kitchenware and serveware are dishwasher safe, although we tend to recommend hand washing.  If you want to use your automatic dishwasher, we recommend using a fine china cycle, low heat and a good quality detergent.  And, it is better to place the plates or ceramic accessories far apart to avoid touching each other during the dishwashing cycle.

You cannot put our items in the microwave or conventional oven because the risk of cracking or chipping when very hot is real.  Unless it is specifically stated on the individual product description details, our Dinnerware and Serveware is not meant to be used for cooking or re-heating.

Proper care and handling of our pottery and ceramics will help them retain their beauty and function for many many years.  Here are some tips:


You can put a metal spoon in your ceramic while pouring a hot liquid to deflect the heat.  ‘Crazing’ has no significant effects on the ceramics, it is mainly cosmetic.         


Never place a piece directly on top of a burner.


Never place large platters or trays made of clay into the oven.  These large flat surfaces are difficult to heat evenly and cracking could result.


Never use scouring powders or harsh scourers as they will damage the glaze. For easy cleaning, fill with soapy water, let it soak for a few moments and use a plastic scrubber for the most difficult bits.


Remove tea stains in cups/teapots with a solution of 2 tablespoons chlorine bleach per 1 litre of water; soak 1 - 2 minutes; rinse promptly.


Black marks left by tarnished cutlery can be removed from pottery with a good quality, non abrasive metal cleaner.

We feel the beauty and artistry of our ceramics far outweigh the little extra care they require.  We hope you enjoy using them in your home.